May 13

Purebred Clydedale competing at EA Advanced level dressage

Correspondence from Julie M, in Victoria, Owner and rider of Duke, Purebred Clydedale competing at EA Advanced level dressage.

duke clydie“Hi Anita,

Thank you so much for your email. I have just started with Blue Chip Feed Balancers.

I was using sugar/sweet based grains and have completely cut that out of his diet. I have already notice a difference in Duke’s energy level, it’s not only increased but I’ve also noticed that he no longer has that sugar peak and then a complete loss of energy.

Duke is a dressage ‘pony’ and as we are coming up through the harder levels, anything which improves and helps Duke is very important.

He is currently the only full Clydie competing EA advanced and soon to be out competing Prix St Gorge. Yay.

This picture was taken about 5 months ago and we were doing our canter half pirouette

I must say, I am loving the results which the Blue Chip Feed Balancers are having on both my horses. Both Duke and Acorn look amazing. Winter coats and all. I can also see they feel fantastic within themselves, as they run around kicking up their heels squealing and carrying on as they both play with each other.”

duke Clydie at advanced level

Jan 19

Blue Chip Wins Product of the Year 2014

Gold Winners

While we were overseas we joined the Blue Chip UK Team for their Christmas lunch and we were delighted to learn that Blue Chip achieved yet another award in 2014 to add to their long list.

Blue Chip won Your Horse magazine’s ‘Product of the Year’ for Blue Chip Original. Your Horse magazine is one of the top 3 national UK magazines and ran these awards over the summer where readers voted, unprompted, for their favorite product (and one they could not do without) of the year) this could have been anything from feed, supplements and clothing to yard equipment, tack and grooming products).

Clare Blaskey, Blue Chip’s owner/ founder says “”I am totally thrilled that Blue Chip Original has won the Your Horse Product of the Year Award. The fact that this award is chosen and voted on by the public over 6 months makes it an extremely important award. Blue Chip Original delivers such fantastic results that it keeps a place in our customer’s hearts, and they have shown this with their votes. I would like to thank both everyone who voted and all the team at Blue Chip who make the products and the company so special.”

In a huge and challenging UK market it’s wonderful to know that Blue Chip continues to make a real difference for so many people and their horses, not just in the UK and around the world but also here in Oz.




Nov 10

More Winners fed on Blue Chip


Hyperactive win (1)

Congratulations to Blue Chippers Jan and Mark Thomas from Queensland, whose racehorse Hyperactive won the Emily Foster Fillies and Mares Class 1 Handicap at the Gold Coast Turf Club on Saturday. This is Hyperactive’s second win in 4 runs since being on Blue Chip and she is showing huge promise. Hyperactive has Blue Chip Pro added to her diet and is really showing the benefits in both stamina, performance and post-race recovery.

Oct 27

A few more Testimonials


Karma Products

Thought I would send you a quick email to update you on Hollydeen Thomos your instant apple/carrot calmer.
We had Merriwa Show about two weeks ago. I used the calmer again but this time just a single dose. Tommy worked exceptionally well & in a very busy area (Merriwa had ASH, show jumping & cattle on at the same time as well as our classes). Not only did he behave during his class but after tied to the fence where he was very popular with the crowd (lots of pats & photos). It was his first time up in an open age class but he did very well to get second against a lovely stallion & we received very positive feedback from the judge.
From three shows he has received Supreme youngstock, two firsts & one second. Most importantly he is relaxing and enjoying being in the ring, which has definitely been thanks to the instant calmer. It says a lot when a young horse wants to be first on the truck (& self loads).
We have a break from shows now (still have training days etc though) so next year when we get back into it I think we may use the calmer for the first show or two & then he will be fine. I’m very glad I decided to give it a go.
Thanks, Rebecca


KovicTESTIMONIAL FOR Liquid Joint RLF and Dynamic.

Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough. Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock (large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder , vets told to retire him that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given Liquid Joint RLF and now Dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love, love love your product Kathryn Kovic –

Quality products that work:- Chris WA

IT WORKS! :- Heather SA

Ease of use and works:- Marissa WA


LisetteTESTIMONIAL FOR Blue Chip Original from Lisette New-Seppel and others:

In 2013, my yearling colt stopped thriving.  Showing signs of lethargy, dull coat and falling weight, veterinary investigations showed he had not one, but two dead molars since approximately 6 months of age.  This diagnosis is an extremely rare occurrence in equine dentistry history, and he underwent major surgery to remove both teeth, so as to eliminate recurring infections.

For his recovery I began implementing supplements following the best of my knowledge in Equine nutrition, but disappointingly nothing I used was making any progress in his weight gain or overall health.

I researched further, and finding Blue Chip Original (blue bag) I introduced it into his diet.  The results were nothing short of incredible!  He gained weight and began to blossom!  His eyes shone, his coat condition responded from previously being dull to gleaming satin-health!  His hooves became strong, and his mane and tail began to grow again.    The improvement in this horse was remarkable, and I have received so many positive comments about his dramatic transformation!

Because Blue Chip has proved itself to me as an extraordinary supplement, I have now incorporated it into the feeding regime for all our horses.  They are paddock-raised and although not technically in ‘show condition’, their overall health is evident with gleaming, dappled coats.  Their body-condition has also been very easy to maintain through the winter drought months.

Great shine on coat:- Niamh QLD

Already noticing a change in the short time on Joint RLF:- Diane VIC

Helped to get my TB looking amazing in only two months ! Also her attitude has changed for the better :-) so great ! :- Sharron VIC

My beautiful retirees love it, they have put on condition and their coats , mane and tail is much softer and their overall colour has improved, I’m so happy to have tried your product as I want these magnificent friends of mine to live out the rest if their days happy and healthy so a big thanks from all of us :) :- Sue WA


Blue Chip Pro, Blue Chip Dynamic

My horse feels and moves amazing:- Claudia WA

Blue Chip Lami-Light

I like the sound of the Lami Light. I feed *** zero and have been after an alternative:- Margret WA

how my horse glows since being fed it:- Lauren SA

General Comments

I can eliminate several products and use blue chip instead:- Jess SA

They do what they say they do:- Beverly WA

I was looking for a natural, wholesome complete feed for my competition horse, in addition to his paddock grazing, and Blue Chip seems to meet our requirements:- Elisa NSW

I like that it gives the horse all the nutritional requirements without all the sugars:- Sarah WA

I have seen some wonderful transformations on horses using your products:- Jade SA

I was looking for a natural, wholesome complete feed for my competition horse, in addition to his paddock grazing, and Blue Chip seems to meet our requirements:- Elisa NSW

Have heard a lot of good feed back:- Ashlee NSW


Simplicity  and high quality:- Katherine NSW

A friend uses it and its worked wonders:- Abbie NSW

A little goes a long way & my horse looked great:- Gaylene WA

I most of all like the quick improvements from Blue Chip products:- Damien NSW

Never used them so going to have a look now :) :- Jess VIC

I would like to try them:- Hazel NSW




Sep 29

New Blue Chip Partners

The Blue Chip Partner Scheme was created to help fill the availability due to such demand for Blue Chip products across Australia.

Blue Chip remains committed to supporting existing stock feeders but where stockists have been slow or unwilling to stock Blue Chip, we now have independent distributors joining us to assist in sales and product availability as we know there is a huge demand. This being based on the feed back we are getting from people who have been smart about trying our superior and innovative products and are now enjoying the huge success like many horse owners have World-wide.

We will be adding to our Partner base and if stockfeeders in your area are unwilling to stock Blue Chip and you would like to become a Blue Chip Partner to fulfill the demand in your area, then please fill out our Partner Form and we will contact you.


Emma Jayne Gardiner, owner of Burghley Park Stud, is now our Blue Chip Partner in the Thirlmere area.  Emma will be stocking the Blue Chip range of bagged products and depending on demand she will also stock the liquid range too.  Please contact Emma on 02 468 30595 for your requirements. She can also be contacted via her Facebook Page – Burghley Park Stud


Cody Hanak of Cody’s Equine Services is our Blue Chip Partner in South Australia and as she travels around providing training and Equissage remedial treatments.  Cody is stocking the whole range of Blue Chip Products and can be contacted on 0429 942 079 or via her Facebook page Cody Hank’s Equine Services.


Rebecca Jones, owner of the JRJQH Stud is our Blue Chip Partner for Tasmania.  Rebecca services all of Tasmania currently and stocks the entire range of Blue Chip products. Rebecca can be contacted on 0427 951 430.


Sep 03

Told to retire, to winning in 12 months

Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough. Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock (large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder , vets told to retire him that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given liquid joint RLF and now dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love, love love your product

Kathryn Kovic

Kathryn Kovic's horse

May 21

Yet another who would never look back!

10396552_10203121526015483_385434403_nHi I just want to say I love your product! It took me almost a year to convince myself that the cost of a bag was worth it and now I would never look back! After only 6wks I can see such a huge difference in him and nothing else has changed! I’ve tried so many variations and different feeds and nothing has given me the result blue chip did especially in as little as 6wks! Thank you and here is a photo of axel.

Zoe Dalton

Apr 13

Kirsten added Blue Chip and will never look back…

Kirsten on Jetsetter in 2 star at GidgeFeeling very excited and privledged to be an official part of the Blue Chip Feed Australia team, as a sponsored rider.
Earlier this year I put Newhope Nimble on ‘Blue Chip Original’, and for the first time ever I noticed obvious changes an…d results from a horse feed.
Those who saw Bill’s transformation can vouch for the improvement to both his coat gleam and muscle gain.
I soon after put Jett on Blue Chip Pro and Dynamic, and again his coat come up darker and shinier than usual, with even the farrier saying he looked in “perfect condition”.
Now that I’ve experienced these feeds and become more informed of the quality of the ingredients, and the research that has gone into them, I have no hesitation in recommending the products to other horse owners, especially competition stables, and would do so whether sponsored or not!
So if anyone would like some more info on Blue Chip products, feel free to PM me or the super knowledgeable WA business owners.

Mar 21

Lucky SA prize winner gets great results

cody hanak SA and her horse heath ryan clinicCody Hanak, from South Australia, was our lucky Prize Draw winner at the Adelaide 3 day event in 2013.  She won a bag of Blue Chip Pro and decided to use it on her latest horse Phoenix, a TB x NZ station bred. Cody is using Pro and Liquid Joint RLF for his joints and here is her update.
“I’ve had him (Phoenix) on Pro and Joint RLF from the day I got him (2 months ago).  His overall appearance and performance has continuously improved after having him on Blue Chip. He’s an older horse and an ex 3* horse so has had some wear and tear on his body and joints, but have not seen a sign of breaking down thanks to these great products. Everyone that sees him comments on what a great turn around he has had from being a paddock horse for a year and a half and now a top performer, and I’ve started him on Liquid Karma too as he’s a very sensitive horse to his rider and environment and I’ve noticed a huge difference in his behaviour.

Thanks Blue Chip  – cannot rave enough about these great products!!


Feb 03

Save Money with Blue Chip products

Myth: feeding Blue chip is an expensive way to feed your horse or pony.

Fact: For horses and ponies in light work up to novice level, 500g of Original balancer fed to a 500kg horses will cost you just $2.60 per day, bag will last you six weeks – that’s less than your daily coffee! Add in your fibre feeds and job done!

Myth: My horse gets everything he needs from his hard feed.

Fact:  Unless your feeding the recommended daily serve (this could be $3.70/day) then NO, your horse won’t be getting everything he needs, but Blue Chip can top up the balanced levels of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients plus a digestive supplement package which may ensure your horse’s gut metabolism works at its peak.

Myth: Blue Chip Balancers aren’t value for money

Fact: Running your horse on a budget may be false economy. What you don’t pay in quality nutrition, you may end up paying in vet’s bills. If your feed shed is stuffed with endless supplements and bags of hard feed, how much does all this cost you?  $3 to $11+/day

Myth: Blue Chip ingredients don’t work on Australian horses

Fact:  On the contrary, Blue Chip customers are ecstatic at the fantastic results they get and it’s all down to the amazing formulation using the finest 100% natural and organic ingredients that work with the horse’s digestive system not against it. Blue Chip never compromises on quality!!

Try it, you have nothing to lose. Go to our savings calculator

Like our page & click on the link to enter our competition and get product review for your horse.


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