Apr 13

A Feat of Endurance


Results round up of Faraway Easter Carnival Endurance Ride 26th-28th March, Queensland.

In extremely hot and humid conditions, Blue Chip sponsored national champion endurance rider Brook Sample and his wife Leigh Ann took an unprecendented 22 horses to the Faraay Easter Carnival Endurance Ride. With an army of strappers and riders we are thrilled to report that out of the 22 horses, only 2 were withdrawn (one due to an unwell rider) and the remaining 20 all completed their rides! There were some notable placings –

26th March 80KM
Rod Field won the HWT section on Brookleigh Louise, Zac Brewer taking 5th spot in this class on Gheerulla Sargent.
Brook Sample and Amber Sole were equal 19th in the MWT category of the 80K on Brookleigh Federer and MG Chisel respectively, and in the LWTcategory equal 4th went to Martina Drasalova on Gheerulla Quiana and Malin Olsson on Gheerulla Carley. Gheerulla Larissa and Aloha Blue Opal also completed their 40km rides this day.

27th March – 40KM training ride
Gheerulla Dallas, Gheerulla Delia, MG Avelina, MG Tayla and Brookleigh Dylan all completed.

28th March – 80KM
Aloha Blue Pearl ridden by Shimpei Miyamoto took 3rd in the HWT category. In the MW category, Brook came 10th on Brookleigh Beyonce, and in the LWT category, Shelley Ann Kimber riding Gheerulla Sherriff and Leigh Ann Sample riding Brookleigh Bailey took equal 8th. Gheerulla Jagger ridden by Louis Haguiara Porto Alegre and Gheerulla Larissa ridden by Floor Braunius were equal 10th.
Last but not least, Matthew Sample on Brookleigh Milo took the 3rd spot in the Junior section and a win in the best conditioned.

Those familiar with endurance will know what a fantastic achievement these results represent, and our many congratulations to Brook and Leigh Ann and the horses from the Brookleigh/Gheerulla Stud. Brook feeds all his horses on Blue Chip Pro and uses Blue Chip Liquid Joint RLF to nourish and protect joints – these results are a testimony to optimum nutrition and the fantastic training given to them by Brook and his wife.

Dec 08

…More Success Stories

Blue Chip Original


“I have had nothing but praise from various instructors, equine chiros, and various horse nutritionalists about my 10yo TB gelding who has been on blue chip for just over a month now..Sarah G Vicnot only are they saying his coat is amazing and weight but he has actually changed mentally wise as well.. I can’t thank Blue Chip enough for making such amazing horse feed… my boy looks amazing..I’ve had compliments everywhere I go about how good he looks.. Thank you”… Sarah G Victoria



Blue Chip Pro

Pro_lowres12-211x300“Rising 8yo Standardbred Matthew (Bored Stiff) is looking absolutely magnificent after being fed Blue Chip feeds Pro, chaff & pasture 24/7. Bottom photo before, top photo after.Erin Vic
He has been out of work for 4 months since starting on the Pro back in work as of today and I couldn’t be happier.
On old diets he had a glossy coat but had fatty deposits, looked tucked up, and could be quite highly strung. On BC feeds he is calmer in the paddock & when exercised, and has gained and held weight..all without feeding bucket loads and having an empty wallet. He looks so much more mature now than 6 months ago, all that has hanged is his diet.  Happy Customer!”  Erin W Victoria



Blue Chip Lami-Light

Lami_lowres11-213x300“After my Mr Nuggy has been on the Blue Chip Lamilight, we have already seen a huge improvement in the quality of his skin’s condition and he has only been on it for one week!Nugget

Now look at him after 5 weeks. Thank you Anita and Paul for introducing us to such a good quality feed. Carla P, WA




Blue Chip Dynamic

Dynamic_lowres11-212x300“I had the Physio out to Charley and she has noticed he is moving much freer and easier after being on Dynamic.”Stacey E, WA




Blue Chip Liquid Joint RLF

joint_RLF_2012_lowres“Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough.  Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock ( large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder, vets told us to retire him and that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given  liquid joint RLF and now Dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love,  love love your products” Kathryn K, NSW



Blue Chip Liquid Karma

Karma_2012_lowres1-166x300“I have been using the Blue Chip Karma on a newcomer pony; it has been fantastic for training and taking her out to shows in her first season of show horse,Miss Ellie

taking the edge off the atmosphere and enabling her to enjoy the experience whilst remaining focused.  I recommend this product very highly.” Michelle J Show Pony Producer




Blue Chip Calmer Paste

2calmers_highres“Thought I would send you a quick email to update you on Hollydeen Thomos & the instant calmer. From three shows he has received Supreme youngstock,Rebecca

two firsts & one second. Most importantly he is relaxing and enjoying being in the ring, which has definitely been thanks to the instant calmer.

It says a lot when a young horse wants to be first on the truck (and self loads!)”  Rebecca T, NSW





Nov 26

Blue Chip “The 1st real feed balancer”


Sep 28

Blue Chip balancer v’s vit/min supplement

With companies constantly claiming their products are the ‘best on the market’, finding the optimum diet for your horse or pony can be a real challenge.  Equine nutrition, as with human nutrition, is a constantly changing model with scientific developments and increasing knowledge of the equine digestive system meaning products should include the revolutionary ingredients that help horses stay healthy and cope with training, travelling and competing.

So here’s our essential guide to help you make the right choice for your horse.

3balancers_highres_bags sml

Blue Chip Feed Balancers

Blue Chip Balancers

  • Fall in the midway point between hard feed and supplements.

(Other balancers may include whole cereals and/or molasses resembling ‘watered down’ hard feeds – remember, whole cereals have no place in a feed balancer.)

  • Are 100% molasses free and whole cereal free so extremely low in starch/sugar.
  • Provide digestible energy by including fibre and oils
  • Tailored with a specific blend of nutrients and digestive supplements to support the metabolic requirements of different horses and ponies.  eg spelling, light work/hard work, breeding, laminitic/overweight, veterans, compromised digestive systems etc
  • Scientifically proven, researched and formulated by world-leading leading scientists, nutritionists and vets
  • Formulated to provide optimal levels of essential nutrients eg vitamins/organic chelated minerals/antioxidants and balanced omega oils
  • Include hoof and respiratory support supplements
  • Formulated to help promote gut function and healthy PH levels, help reduce acidosis and promote fibre digestibility with high potency strains of specific functional ingredients (Probiotic and MOS Prebiotic) approved for equine diets, included at maximum levels for the best results.
  • Include scientifically proven and revolutionary ingredients such as fruit derived vitamin E and nucleotides
  • Fed at a rate of 100g/100kg of bodyweight across the board.



Other powders

A Vit/mineral supplement

  • Often in powder/granule form so can be sifted out by the horse.
  • Not tailored to cater for specific nutritional/metabolic needs
  • Doesn’t provide nutrients for EVERY aspect of health and wellbeing
  • Can make claims that are unsubstantiated or not backed up by proper scientific research or trials
  • Contains ingredients which can be of variable quality eg non-chelated minerals or cheaper, poorly absorbed forms of minerals, and at low levels depending on cost formulation.
  • May lack or contain unnecessary ingredients eg essential/non-essential amino acids
  • May contain yeasts, often at minimal levels and of lower strains making them less effective or not work at all. Some forms may not be approved for use in equine feeds.
  • Always fed in smaller gram quantities – quantity and quality of nutrients can vary considerably.
  • Remember, if it costs just cents to feed, there’s a reason for it.


Better to focus on VALUE and LONG TERM BENEFIT or you may end up paying more in vet’s bills than feed.

Sep 28



Picture1 Alannah

You know those horse crazy girls? With braces, freckles and long hair? Well I was that girl. With a love for anything “horse” so big it threatened to endanger any ounce of a social life that I had.

I ate, slept and breathed horses. Not a lot has changed; I still have long hair and freckles only now I have straight teeth. I am still horse mad, but not in a ‘plastering my whole bedroom with picture of horses that aren’t mine’ way. The only wallpaper I have of a horse is the one on my phone – a very special horse that means the whole world to me and this horse’s name is Johnny Townmouse.

I first saw Mouse as a 17 year old on a ‘Horses for Sale’ forum. He wasn’t for sale though, he was just for lease. “Super quiet 8 year old thoroughbred”, read the advertisement. I was so excited running around the house, begging Mum and Dad to take me to meet this perfect horse.I was a 17 year old advanced beginner at best, had ridden at about 3 competitions my entire life and had only about 4 years of riding experience under my belt. I was not the ideal candidate for a young, green thoroughbred.

So early February 2010 we hopped in the car and drove to Cranbourne, with my very un-horsey parents and a family friend that was an avid show jumper as our only guide.When I first saw Mouse he was tied up to the metal railing windsucking his heart out. I didn’t see that though, I just saw the ribs and hip bones that were sticking out. We watched the owner ride him around one of the paddocks and he cantered around listlessly, not putting a foot wrong, even jumping a branch that was lying in the middle when she asked. My ride was nothing spectacular, I was used to a 15 hand Arabian who used to go around in this perfect little frame so all 49 kilos of me trying to make this 16.1 unfit and uncoordinated horse sit in a frame must have been somewhat hilarious. I didn’t even know what I was asking, just that I didn’t want him to be about 75 metres long! Our friend asked if he wanted me to have a ride, telling me that if he did, I knew that his answer would be to turn around and go home. After all I was looking for something that I could take to Pony Club next weekend, a horse that had some education.

A week later he was sitting in a paddock in Montrose with my Dad signing the lease.  So began my journey with one of the most honest and trustworthy horses I have ever come across.To most of the world he is just a below average bay Thoroughbred but to those who truly know him, have had the pleasure of riding him and have seen me pull up at the vet check with the biggest grin across my face, know he is more than that.I never had any issues growing up, so this isn’t a story about how my horse Mouse helped me. This is a story about a below average horse who has taught me more than I ever have taught him.My parents paid $1000 for Mouse 8 months after I started leasing him and god knows how much they spent before I was working enough to be able to afford him on my own!I didn’t understand these things when we first brought Mouse home, in fact I don’t think that I even started learning about ulcers until I took on a full time Working Pupil position 3 years later. There Mouse was stabled through most of the day while I rode other horses and worked and then I would ride him. It started to become apparent that he wasn’t coping in this environment and being an ex- race horse this wasn’t entirely surprising.

We put him on a course of Ulcer Guard and he had a little improvement but not much.Looking back now we could have pumped all the Ulcer Guard in the world into him but while he was on fully grain based diet it would have little to no effect. I eventually left my Working Pupil position and turned Mouse out into a 5 acre paddock full of knee high grass.  Never had I seen such a dramatic change in him so quickly. He stacked on the weight and his whole demeanour changed. I still fought the yearly winter battles as so many of us with Thoroughbreds do – weight on in summer, drops off in winter like clockwork. Feeding and feed store runs became the bane of my existence, changing feeds up every few months, taking photos to make comparisons, working him less, working him more, round bale after round bale of hay. He would look good and then would drop off a week later for no apparent reason, he was treated for ulcers both with prescription medicine and with the herbal kind. Nothing seemed to hit the nail on the head completely. I loathe summer and the heat but I always look forward to it because I know he comes into his best when the warmer weather hits. I don’t even thinks he enjoys the heat! I think he would rather cover himself head to toe in sticky clay like mud than swelter in the heat every day for 3 months.

Mouse had been going well toward the end of 2014, was holding his weight well, we were out competing at EA competitions, placing top ten and getting ready to move up a level. I went to Equitana in November of 2014 and was doing the usual wander around with my friend when we came across a feed stand with a number of people speaking in strong British accents. One of my best friends is British so we walked over and I struck up a conversation with Anita Budgeon (the lady that would go on to change Mouse’s life) the lady who brought Blue Chip Feed to Australia. I was instantly intrigued when she told me I could cut my feed bills in half and continue feeding ad lib hay. Something that I have always had to do with Mouse and strongly believed in. All I would have to do was add in a Blue Chip Feed Balancer, Pro was the preferred option as it contains both Pre and Probiotics which would help Mouse with his gut issues. I took a load of information from her and agreed that I would contact my local feed store to order in a bag. But sadly, when I tried they couldn’t get their hands on the bag that I needed, I was slightly relieved because at this time I didn’t fully understand why the initial cost of Blue Chip was so great (I know better now). Mouse and I continued on with our lives and our constant battle to maintain weight, and not just maintain weight but keep his energy levels up and ensure that he didn’t become listless.

We continued to compete, I bought my first float, Mouse learnt to self-load, we started to compete more and more regularly, Moo never failing to impress me and everyone else with his huge heart and obvious love of his job. Then in March 2015 after the Wandin CIC Horse Trials the thing that every horse owner dreads -Mouse pulled up lame. I wasn’t concerned; I covered him in Swell Down, bathed his legs and gave him bute telling him that he would come good and that he had earned his time off.

A few weeks went by and I began to grow a little worried, he had swelling in his near hind hock and was more and more reluctant to walk around. I called my vet who specialises in unexplained lameness – she diagnosed him with arthritis in his hocks. This didn’t come as a surprise to me as he had done the work in his life and being just over 14, I was happy to accept that this was in fact the case. We started him on Pentosan and turned him out for a few more weeks while it worked its magic. By this time we were at the start of July and I was getting increasingly worried that it hadn’t worked.

He had been out of work for almost six weeks now, he had lost muscle and the months began to get cooler so weight again became an issue. I continued to give him hay, continued on his feed regime of pre-mixed complete feeds with not a whole lot of success. I had my vet out to re-asses him, she agreed with me that while he was better he was far away from being fully sound.  She instructed me to slowly build his work load back up; being a horse with a history of having a very poor muscle mass he didn’t have a lot to support his weak joints. Looking back, this is all due to the poor quality of feed that I was feeding; to grow a muscle you need to feed and work a muscle. Well I was only doing one of those and wondering why I was not getting anywhere! The vet also wanted to X-ray both his hocks and his spine, just to double check there was nothing sinister going on.  His hocks came back with mild/moderate arthritis, one worse than the other which is always the case but nothing as bad as what we expected due to the level of his lameness. The X-rays of his spine revealed that he had an advanced case of kissing spine, so bad that a couple of his vertebrae had actually fused together killing the nerve that runs between them and rendering that area rather numb and stuck.

So there I was, a total mess of regret, disbelief and the feeling that I had totally let down the horse that I loved more than anything in the world. That I had been riding him for so long and he had never bucked me off, never hurt me, never given any indications that he couldn’t bear my weight. In the time before he was diagnosed he had carried me around countless cross country courses, jumped a metre high showjump rounds, taken me galloping across paddocks of friends’ farms (beating the pants off any other horse in sight) to pony club and adult riding rallies, jump clubs, hundreds of lessons and clinics and he had never once complained. I have never been in awe of an animal as much as I was and still am in awe of my boy Mouse. A horse that owes me nothing and for him to give me all of those experiences without complaint is still nothing short of amazing. I vowed to retire him and give him the best treatment that money could buy, to get a new younger horse and let Moo live out his days; barefoot and naked bossing around younger horses and teaching them the way of herd life.

This lasted all of about a week. Right after I broke the news to all of my coaches and friends I took him out along our favourite trail and bawled my eyes out. He was still so happy to carry me, so content cantering along, looking down on the silly humans that dared to ride their two wheeled contraptions near him. With me half laughing and half crying vowing that I wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet….

In my search to rehabilitate Mouse I happened to come across an ad to “Become a Blue Chip Agent” I had totally forgotten about the feed company and wanting to take on a job to do with nutrition, this was perfect. I applied and three days later I was named Blue Chip Feed Australia’s Agent in the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas. I was so excited to get this feed balancer into Mouse; it was now well into winter and he was only in very light walking work. I began to learn about Blue Chip and how it works, how I would have Mouse on a full fibre diet with just his Blue Chip balancer (Pro) to ensure that he was getting all of his daily essential nutrients. I weaned him off his complete feeds, kept up the round bales and began rounding up clients to try this new feed.

Mouse started on Blue Chip Pro in July 2015 and within 24 hours (I am dead serious) he was a different horse. Neighing to me in the paddock, trotting up and tossing his head for dinner, he no longer was dragging his heels down to the arena, his work ethic improved and he started to stack on the weight.

Friends and agistees alike couldn’t believe the difference in him, I couldn’t believe it either! How had 500 grams of a feed balancer made so much of difference in my horse in such a short time? Well the answer is simple; Blue Chip is made of the highest quality ingredients money can buy; it contains the best performing Prebiotics and Probiotics, hoof, respiratory and coat supplements, blood building formula, nucleotides, vitamins/minerals, and the right amount of protein to help him start building his muscle. It contained everything he needed and nothing that he didn’t.  He came to life again and I started to see that maybe he was going to be okay, maybe this wouldn’t be the end of our riding days together yet.

Picture2 Mouse 1

Mouse before starting Blue Chip

Picture3 Mouse 2

Mouse after 5 weeks on Blue Chip Pro

I consulted with my vet and my coach, my friend fellow Blue Chip Agent Amanda Lewer, and we agreed that it wouldn’t hurt him to continue his ridden career. His back had been like this for more than half his life so there was a reason behind him not dumping me off all those times that he could have. He was to remain on the Pentosan and he is not allowed to have any one else on his back. I am not allowed to get any heavier than I am now to ensure that he is not carrying more weight that he needs to, I had to get stronger in my two point and normal positions to ensure that I was not hindering him in any way and that I could get off and stay off his back while he jumped.

We introduced Blue Chip Dynamic to Mouse’s diet as well to encourage bone density, and to aid his arthritis and kissing spine – already the difference is huge, he is even and through from behind, accurate in his strides and not plagued by niggly stiffness. Under Amanda’s careful coaching and rehab exercises, Anita’s feed advice and my over protectiveness he has built topline, his coat has a shine back, his horrible hay belly has lifted, he is holding his weight for the first time in the almost six years that I have owned him and he is happy. Through very careful coaching, exercises, stretches, magnetic boots, ice boots, Swell Down, Pentosan, the best diet in the world and an improved work regime, we have increased his stride length, brought bounce and strength to his canter, taught him how to carry himself and how to bascule.

Amanda said to me in my most recent jumping lesson; “Look at his face! Look how happy he is, look at his stride and his enthusiasm for life” I just laughed and laughed again becoming amazed at this wonder horse, this below average Thoroughbred with a heart to rival the size of Phar Lap’s and a love for his job – and me (I hope) so strong that he didn’t give up and I learnt not to give up even at the worst times. There is no doubt in my mind that Blue Chip has changed Dynamic_lowres11-212x300

Mouse’s life, not only the quality of it but the length of his ridden career. I have learnt so much about nutrition and feeding correctly in my short journey with Blue Chip.

I am always telling people how great Blue Chip products are and how we need to stop feeding our horses feeds that their bodies cannot utilise. We need to bring feeding back to basics – less is more.

And this will happen: one feed regime at a time.

Alanna Whitehead

Picture4 Mouse competition












May 13

Purebred Clydedale competing at EA Advanced level dressage

Correspondence from Julie M, in Victoria, Owner and rider of Duke, Purebred Clydedale competing at EA Advanced level dressage.

duke clydie“Hi Anita,

Thank you so much for your email. I have just started with Blue Chip Feed Balancers.

I was using sugar/sweet based grains and have completely cut that out of his diet. I have already notice a difference in Duke’s energy level, it’s not only increased but I’ve also noticed that he no longer has that sugar peak and then a complete loss of energy.

Duke is a dressage ‘pony’ and as we are coming up through the harder levels, anything which improves and helps Duke is very important.

He is currently the only full Clydie competing EA advanced and soon to be out competing Prix St Gorge. Yay.

This picture was taken about 5 months ago and we were doing our canter half pirouette

I must say, I am loving the results which the Blue Chip Feed Balancers are having on both my horses. Both Duke and Acorn look amazing. Winter coats and all. I can also see they feel fantastic within themselves, as they run around kicking up their heels squealing and carrying on as they both play with each other.”

duke Clydie at advanced level

Jan 19

Blue Chip Wins Product of the Year 2014

Gold Winners

While we were overseas we joined the Blue Chip UK Team for their Christmas lunch and we were delighted to learn that Blue Chip achieved yet another award in 2014 to add to their long list.

Blue Chip won Your Horse magazine’s ‘Product of the Year’ for Blue Chip Original. Your Horse magazine is one of the top 3 national UK magazines and ran these awards over the summer where readers voted, unprompted, for their favorite product (and one they could not do without) of the year) this could have been anything from feed, supplements and clothing to yard equipment, tack and grooming products).

Clare Blaskey, Blue Chip’s owner/ founder says “”I am totally thrilled that Blue Chip Original has won the Your Horse Product of the Year Award. The fact that this award is chosen and voted on by the public over 6 months makes it an extremely important award. Blue Chip Original delivers such fantastic results that it keeps a place in our customer’s hearts, and they have shown this with their votes. I would like to thank both everyone who voted and all the team at Blue Chip who make the products and the company so special.”

In a huge and challenging UK market it’s wonderful to know that Blue Chip continues to make a real difference for so many people and their horses, not just in the UK and around the world but also here in Oz.




Nov 10

More Winners fed on Blue Chip


Hyperactive win (1)

Congratulations to Blue Chippers Jan and Mark Thomas from Queensland, whose racehorse Hyperactive won the Emily Foster Fillies and Mares Class 1 Handicap at the Gold Coast Turf Club on Saturday. This is Hyperactive’s second win in 4 runs since being on Blue Chip and she is showing huge promise. Hyperactive has Blue Chip Pro added to her diet and is really showing the benefits in both stamina, performance and post-race recovery.

Oct 27

A few more Testimonials


Karma Products

Thought I would send you a quick email to update you on Hollydeen Thomos your instant apple/carrot calmer.
We had Merriwa Show about two weeks ago. I used the calmer again but this time just a single dose. Tommy worked exceptionally well & in a very busy area (Merriwa had ASH, show jumping & cattle on at the same time as well as our classes). Not only did he behave during his class but after tied to the fence where he was very popular with the crowd (lots of pats & photos). It was his first time up in an open age class but he did very well to get second against a lovely stallion & we received very positive feedback from the judge.
From three shows he has received Supreme youngstock, two firsts & one second. Most importantly he is relaxing and enjoying being in the ring, which has definitely been thanks to the instant calmer. It says a lot when a young horse wants to be first on the truck (& self loads).
We have a break from shows now (still have training days etc though) so next year when we get back into it I think we may use the calmer for the first show or two & then he will be fine. I’m very glad I decided to give it a go.
Thanks, Rebecca


KovicTESTIMONIAL FOR Liquid Joint RLF and Dynamic.

Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough. Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock (large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder , vets told to retire him that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given Liquid Joint RLF and now Dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love, love love your product Kathryn Kovic –

Quality products that work:- Chris WA

IT WORKS! :- Heather SA

Ease of use and works:- Marissa WA


LisetteTESTIMONIAL FOR Blue Chip Original from Lisette New-Seppel and others:

In 2013, my yearling colt stopped thriving.  Showing signs of lethargy, dull coat and falling weight, veterinary investigations showed he had not one, but two dead molars since approximately 6 months of age.  This diagnosis is an extremely rare occurrence in equine dentistry history, and he underwent major surgery to remove both teeth, so as to eliminate recurring infections.

For his recovery I began implementing supplements following the best of my knowledge in Equine nutrition, but disappointingly nothing I used was making any progress in his weight gain or overall health.

I researched further, and finding Blue Chip Original (blue bag) I introduced it into his diet.  The results were nothing short of incredible!  He gained weight and began to blossom!  His eyes shone, his coat condition responded from previously being dull to gleaming satin-health!  His hooves became strong, and his mane and tail began to grow again.    The improvement in this horse was remarkable, and I have received so many positive comments about his dramatic transformation!

Because Blue Chip has proved itself to me as an extraordinary supplement, I have now incorporated it into the feeding regime for all our horses.  They are paddock-raised and although not technically in ‘show condition’, their overall health is evident with gleaming, dappled coats.  Their body-condition has also been very easy to maintain through the winter drought months.

Great shine on coat:- Niamh QLD

Already noticing a change in the short time on Joint RLF:- Diane VIC

Helped to get my TB looking amazing in only two months ! Also her attitude has changed for the better 🙂 so great ! :- Sharron VIC

My beautiful retirees love it, they have put on condition and their coats , mane and tail is much softer and their overall colour has improved, I’m so happy to have tried your product as I want these magnificent friends of mine to live out the rest if their days happy and healthy so a big thanks from all of us 🙂 :- Sue WA


Blue Chip Pro, Blue Chip Dynamic

My horse feels and moves amazing:- Claudia WA

Blue Chip Lami-Light

I like the sound of the Lami Light. I feed *** zero and have been after an alternative:- Margret WA

how my horse glows since being fed it:- Lauren SA

General Comments

I can eliminate several products and use blue chip instead:- Jess SA

They do what they say they do:- Beverly WA

I was looking for a natural, wholesome complete feed for my competition horse, in addition to his paddock grazing, and Blue Chip seems to meet our requirements:- Elisa NSW

I like that it gives the horse all the nutritional requirements without all the sugars:- Sarah WA

I have seen some wonderful transformations on horses using your products:- Jade SA

I was looking for a natural, wholesome complete feed for my competition horse, in addition to his paddock grazing, and Blue Chip seems to meet our requirements:- Elisa NSW

Have heard a lot of good feed back:- Ashlee NSW


Simplicity  and high quality:- Katherine NSW

A friend uses it and its worked wonders:- Abbie NSW

A little goes a long way & my horse looked great:- Gaylene WA

I most of all like the quick improvements from Blue Chip products:- Damien NSW

Never used them so going to have a look now 🙂 :- Jess VIC

I would like to try them:- Hazel NSW




Sep 03

Told to retire, to winning in 12 months

Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough. Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock (large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder , vets told to retire him that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given liquid joint RLF and now dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love, love love your product

Kathryn Kovic

Kathryn Kovic's horse

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