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What is the product:-

The Magloc Haym8 is a new unique device developed with the Magloc K9 unit to create a single handed connection and releases unite for connecting a hay-net to a wall ring.

How the product works:-

 The top unit is attached to the wall ring and the main body is attached to the slide unit. When the body unit is brought close to the top unit the magnets attract and connect the two units together, once the units are engaged clips inside the body unit lock behind the head of the top unit and hold the unit in place. To release the unit you must press the two side clips which intern release the top unit and you pull the unit back to separate. The cord of the hay-net is threaded through the holes in the slide in such a way that the weight of the net presses the chock in the slide against the cord locking off the net, this is a common fault with existing hay nets and this unit solves this problem it also saves the need to tie off the cord as needed if this unit is not used thus saving time.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 140 x 90 x 20 mm


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