Yet another great testimonial for Blue Chip products

Jenna Davey shared Blue Chip Feed Australia's video. 19 hrs · I've been feeding Blue Chip Feeds to my horses for two years now and am so happy with the results. It makes it so easy and uncomplicated to ensure my horses get everything they need every day without over...
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Blue Chip Original Changing Lives

Blue Chip Original has been invaluable to thousands of horse owners over the years in their quest to ensure that their horse or pony obtains everything they need to thrive in one complete feed balancer, but never more so than when their horses really need bringing...
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A few more Testimonials

Karma Products Thought I would send you a quick email to update you on Hollydeen Thomos your instant apple/carrot calmer. We had Merriwa Show about two weeks ago. I used the calmer again but this time just a single dose. Tommy worked exceptionally well & in a very...
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Purebred Clydsdale

Purebred Clydesdale competing at EA Advanced level dressage. “Hi Anita, Thank you so much for your email. I have just started with Blue Chip Feed Balancers. I was using sugar/sweet based grains and have completely cut that out of his diet. I have already notice a...
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Make money with Blue Chip

Check out our short video about the opportunity. Just enter your details below and we will be in touch for a friendly chat with you at your convenience....
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Super Food for your Horse

HOW TO AVOID NUTRITIONAL GAPS IN YOUR HORSE’S DIET  WITH Feed Balancers, What are they? A relatively new concept in feeding horses in Australia, Blue Chip Feed balancers are a range of low-intake, low calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins, and...
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So what exactly are Blue Chip Balancers

Ever wondered why and how some nutritional products can have the edge over others? In the Beginning When Blue Chip was created in 1996, balancers were a totally new concept and completely unknown in the European market similar to Australia today. Being innovators in...
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Told to Retire to Winning Again

Very, very happy owner and we can’t thank you enough. Over 12 months ago our boy had chipped his hock (large chip removed) and detached ligament from his shoulder , vets told to retire him that he would never become sound , but with your advice he was given liquid joint RLF and now dynamic; been on your feed for 2 months and today not only is he sound but competed at his 1st comp in over 12 months and coming home with winning ribbons in his hack classes , love, love love your product
Kathryn Kovic

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Against All Odds

You know those horse crazy girls? With braces, freckles and long hair? Well I was that girl. With a love for anything “horse” so big it threatened to endanger any ounce of a social life that I had. I ate, slept and breathed horses. Not a lot has changed; I still have...
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