Clare Blaskey

Clare Blaskey

Blue Chip Company Owner

Where it all began…

Blue Chip Feed Limited was founded in 1996 by Clare Blaskey, and was named after her horse, Blue Chip. Having had horses all her life and whilst working  for another feed company, Clare knew there had to be a better way of feeding horses and ponies.This was both veterinary science and the realization of the importance of nutrition in the human athlete had greatly evolved.

Feed Balancers were a totally new concept.Much research had gone on in the USA into the effectiveness of Prebiotics and Probiotics in a variety of animals, and in Kentucky the research had included the horse.Clare contacted a company that was at the forefront of this research, and they sent someone to see her to explain their product and the amazing beneficial effects it could have on horse’s health. In addition they had also developed organic, chelated minerals.

These natural minerals are attached to a protein and this makes them more easily absorbed and therefore utilized better by the horse. These cutting edge innovations came at a great cost, and everyone told her it would be impossible to sell a sack of feed for that price. But what the larger feed companies had failed to realize was how cost effective to the horse owner using a feed balancer could be.

Anita Budgeon

Anita Budgeon

Blue Chip Australian Distributor

Blue Chip in Australia

Anita Budgeon has been a horse enthusiast for almost 50 years and during that time has been a breeder, member of a prominent  Spanish Horse display team, trainer, competitor, international and national judge and coach.

It was soon after arriving in Western Australia in 2008 that Anita and her husband Paul realised that there was a huge gap in the Australian equine feed market for products that are not only of the highest functionality but also cost effective as part of any horse’s feeding regime.  In early 2012 they contacted the Managing Director of Blue Chip and discussed the opportunities of bringing this global product to the Australian market and by late 2012 the first shipment of Blue Chip arrived to these shores – the first time a feed product of this calibre had been imported.

Bringing a wealth of nutrition knowledge with her, Anita has provided expert and common sense advice on feeding based on her extensive studies to all her clients and customers.  She has lectured and presented in Equine Nutrition all around Australia and provides in-depth diet reviews and advice on appropriate feed rations.

Keeping abreast with the latest advances in equine nutrition, the aims are first and foremost to help people understand the fundamentals of horse dietary management, keeping to the principles that horses should be fed primarily according to their natural requirements and to ensure that with correctly balanced nutrition provided by Blue Chip, horses are able to reach their full potential and live long and healthy lives.



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