Benefits of Nucleotides to Blue Chip Lami-light:

Nucleotides can also help to ensure your laminitic horse or pony’s gut is healthy and their immune system is facilitated.  Nucleotides are especially beneficial to laminitics as they aid the repair of the laminae by improving oxygen flow to the damaged laminae. Recovery from laminitis can be improved helping you to get your horse or pony back to full health as soon as possible.

Overweight/good doer: if the diet is limited, nucleotide/vitamin/mineral levels = below recommended and even lower than usual.

To sum up – There are very few supplements which contain purified nucleotides and Blue Chip is the only feed balancer company that includes Equigen™, purified Nucleotides with a 95% availability rate in their balancers.

Blue Chip has earned its reputation over the past 20 years of creating formulations that go above and beyond what would be expected of a feed product. The tailored balancers in the Blue Chip range are the result of many years of careful and dedicated research to provide the very best in nutrition for your horse or pony and to promote long term optimal health and wellbeing.  They are scientifically generated to promote a more natural diet.

Form always defines function and when it comes to ‘direct fed microbials’ always do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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