Benefits of Nucleotides to Blue Chip Original:

Nucleotides to promote improved weight/condition: Nucleotides will increase length and number of intestinal villi, promoting maximum absorption particularly as combined with high level of probiotic.

Mares, foals & young stock – Nucleotides will help prevent the normal ‘dip’ of antibody
levels in lactating mares, for the continual promotion of health in both mare and foal. Will
further prevent digestive upset during weaning/general gastro upsets. Lots of nucleotides
needed for development of foal digestive tract as no dead cells available for ‘recycling’. For
brood mares – aid placenta development/milk production.

Low-level competition/show horse: attending shows = greater risk of infection/disease –
nucleotides will aid the immune system in recovering from this. Also promote excellent condition and health.


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