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Ever wondered why and how some nutritional products can have the edge over others?

In the Beginning

When Blue Chip was created in 1996, balancers were a totally new concept and completely unknown in the European market similar to Australia today.

Being innovators in the field of equine nutrition the key focus in the creation of Blue Chip 20 years ago was the most up to date research that had been carried out in America on the effectiveness of Prebiotics and Probiotics and the amazing beneficial effects they could have on the horse’s intestinal health to improve overall health.  In addition, there was the development of organic, chelated minerals – natural minerals attached to a protein making them more easily absorbed and therefore better utilized by the horse.  Such cutting-edge innovations came at a great cost and many sceptics declared it would be impossible to sell what appeared to be a standard sack of feed for what was then over $70.

But what many failed to realize was that not only was this NOT a mainstream hard feed, but how cost effective to the horse owner using a comprehensive nutrient dense balancer could be.  Blue Chip soon proved to people that a high quality product would perform better and be more cost effective in the long term and so Blue Chip quickly became a brand known for its remarkable results.

So What exactly is a Blue Chip Balancer?

A Blue Chip total health multi-supplement balancer is formulated to do exactly what it says on the bag – balance and boost intake and uptake in a horse’s fibre diet specifically with regard to nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

With fluctuations in the quality of grass, hay and feed throughout the year, and restricted diets being fed to many horses who are prone to obesity or excitability, it is difficult for horse owners to be sure that their horse is getting a correctly balanced diet, so a balancer provides the simple and effective means of making up any deficits whilst maximizing what your horse is getting from his diet.

Form defines function

With a whole grain and molasses free formulation, a Blue Chip balancer is a world away from a hard feed, and using only natural and organic ingredients it’s extremely versatile serving as a nutritional base for almost any feeding programme providing peace of mind that the horse’s nutritional requirements are fully supported, with no need for other supplements and weight promoting/conditioning feeds. Fed at a rate of 100g/100kg bodyweight it complements a fibre based diet and can reduce the need for large amounts of grain-based hard feeds which can compromise a horse’s digestive system.

In 2009 Blue Chip’s unending quest for the latest and greatest performing ingredients led to them incorporating a fruit derived vitamin E, (which was researched as being the form that horses utilized best), and nucleotides.  Even to this day, only a handful of feed companies in the UK and America incorporate this high tech ingredient but its benefits have bestowed huge dividends in the world of performance horses or where there are specific compromises to performance, immunity and nutrient uptake.   A range of unique liquid supplements soon followed as a result of new scientific research and technologically advanced production methods.


Total health multi-supplement balancers and liquid supplements are Blue Chip’s passion and they continue to deliver products that will really make a difference to horses and ponies, helping them to live longer, healthier and active lives.

Optimum inner health reflects on the outside and the Blue Chip sheen is legendary!

Because no one product can suit all, Blue Chip has formulated 3 total health multi-supplement balancers for varying metabolic and dietary requirements. How much of a difference will a Blue Chip balancer make to your horse or pony?

The only way to find out is try a bag – you’ll be very glad you did.

For a Free Diet consultation contact Anita (Blue Chip Equine Nutrition Consultant) 0408 920707.


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