What is a Feed Balancer?
  • Blue Chip feed balancers are the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to supplementing and balancing your horse’s diet.
  • Using a quality tailored balancer alongside a fibre based diet provides the majority of horses and ponies with all the essential nutrients they need on a daily basis without having to overcomplicate the diet.
  • They are an ideal alternative to hard feed enabling a more ‘horse friendly’ diet and being 100% whole cereal/molasses free, starch and sugar levels are kept to an absolute minimum to help promote digestive health….
So when should I feed a Feed Balancer?
  • When you can’t feed the recommended daily serve because your horse will put too much weight on.
  • When you don’t want to feed any hard feed as you prefer your horse to have a more fibre based natural diet.
  • When your horse has adverse reactions to any cereal/starch in his diet and again needs a more fibre based diet.
  • When your feed room is cluttered with gazillions of tubs, pots and packs of different supplements.
  • Cut the clutter and use Blue Chip Feed balancers instead!
  • When you are tired of trying to work out whether you are getting it right or wrong and you want feeding and supplementing your horse to be fuss free with peace of mind.
  • When you are fed up with spending a fortune on multiple supplements and would prefer to have all your horse’s supplements catered for in one product.


So does that really mean I can cut out hard feed altogether?

In some instances, yes. For example, if your horse is not in very hard work then yes, he can get all his energy/nutritional requirements from his fibre along with a Blue Chip feed balancer.
If you have a horse in hard work/competition and you are currently feeding the daily recom-mended amount of hard feed, once the Blue Chip is introduced you will be able to reduce hard feed to at least half the current amount as the EU approved probiotic in Original/Pro/Lami will make so much more of the fibre in the diet. If you feel your horse needs extra energy then this can be met by feeding oil such as vegetable oil.

Why does'nt Blue Chip Original have a prebiotic like Pro and Lami-light?

Original doesn’t contain a prebiotic as it is intended for horses and ponies that are in light-medium work, or those that need to gain weight which the probiotic helps to encourage. It helps to settle the gut by promoting the beneficial bacteria and improving fibre digestion, but if a horse/pony had a specific digestive upset/had been on antibiotics then I would recommend feeding Pro to start with then swapping on to Original. Generally, a horse that is being fed Original doesn’t have the requirement for a prebiotic, whereas a harder working/older horse does – hence the reason we would feed them Pro.

When will I see the difference in my horse?

All horses are different and it depends on what condition your horse is in to begin with, howev-er you should start to see a difference by the end of the first sack.

So what is the difference between Blue Chip Pro & Blue Chip Original?

Original and Pro are both feed balancers, however Pro is designed for horses under greater metabolic stress, such as competition horses, racehorses, and veterans. Original and Pro both provide all the essential vitamins and minerals a horse requires, with a top quality probiotic to aid the horse’s digestive system. Pro also contains prebiotics to aid the digestion of horses fed on competition or mainly grain diets and to help the horse’s immune system that may be placed under great stress when travelling, training and competing. Pro is enriched with Redju-venate™ which is an advanced blood building formula to aid haemoglobin formulation and re-covery rates. Pro and Original both contain a complete hoof supplement. Pro and Original both contain a respiratory supplement. Pro is more nutrient dense than Original; as horses get older they do not utilise their feed so well therefore Pro’s nutrient dense package is perfect for keep-ing veterans in top condition unless they are overweight or prone to laminitis, in which case they should have Lami-light.

I notice the protein levels in Blue Chip Pro seem high. Will that make my horse ‘hot’ or ‘hotter’ than he already is?

The protein in Blue Chip is fed in grams not kilograms so the amount does not equate to be an extortionate amount of protein, just the amino acids that the horse requires on a daily basis. Blue Chip WILL NOT make horses hot – the main reasons being 1) it is whole-cereal and mo-lasses free so contains super low levels of sugar and starch (which are the 2 main ingredients that cause fizzy behaviour), 2) each balancer contains generous levels of magnesium – the anti -stress mineral – to help keep horses and ponies settled and relaxed, and as each balancer contains digestive aids they help to soothe from the inside-out as the correct acidic levels in their gut is balanced. (Remember, a lot of naughty behaviour is caused by poor digestive health.) Some excess protein will be excreted anyway, but this depends on the horse’s ‘system’ and how well they can absorb it and utilise it etc.

Why is it so important to have a high fibre diet for horses?

Horses didn’t evolve to digest large meals and these can bring about problems such as ulcers, colic, stereotypical behaviour, poor digestive health etc – in a nut shell, why not feed a Blue Chip Balancer alongside a reduced hard feed but high fibre diet to help keep your horse happi-er from the inside out, and suit his digestive system much better?

Can I swap from one Blue Chip feed balancer to another as I need to?

If you need to swap from one Blue Chip balancer to another, this can usually be done over 3-4 days, as the appearance of the feed is pretty much the same, it’s just the nutritional make-up that is different, hence 3-4 days is usually adequate. With a particularly sensitive horse we’d advise increasing the balancer to balancer swap to 7-10 days.

Can I split my horse’s daily allowance of Blue Chip into two or more feeds?

Absolutely! The smaller the feeds the better for the horse, so if your balancer/Dynamic can be split that’s great, but as it’s only a small amount anyway it is quite safe to feed it in one meal if needs be.

How much Blue Chip should I feed my horse? He weighs 418kg? Do I round it down to 400g or should I go up to 450g?

Whatever the bodyweight is, round up to the nearest 50g; so if you have a horse that weighs 418kg round it up so that he is being fed 450g per day, to ensure that he is getting the right amount of everything. This is particularly important if the weight has come from a weigh tape, as these can often underestimate bodyweight by up to 20kg. It also makes life a lot easier, rather than having to measure out 418g!

My horse has just had to go on box rest for an injury. What should I now feed him on?

Feed plenty of fibre but still monitor his weight and give him Lami-light. You’ll be able to feed the recommended amount of Lami-light to ensure a balanced diet and healthy horse without encouraging weight gain. We would always recommend Lami-light for any overweight horse – regardless of their individual circumstances, even broodmares in foal!

Aren't all natural Vitamin E sources the same?

If it says ‘natural’ then you can assume that it basically hasn’t been industrially synthesised – there are different sources of natural vitamin E – we use fruit-derived as it is the type that hors-es can absorb most readily. It depends where the natural source in the hard feed came from as to whether it is as beneficial as fruit-derived.

What is the benefit of the sepiolite clay in Lami-light?

The sepiolite clay works in conjunction with the prebiotic, to help reduce the toxin load within the gut – imagine it as a ‘buffer’ against the toxins that can be released if the gut becomes too acidic and kills the good bacteria off – so the clay helps to aid the recovery of the gut following acidification as well
as helping to prevent it in the future.


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