Purebred Clydesdale competing at EA Advanced level dressage.

“Hi Anita,

Thank you so much for your email. I have just started with Blue Chip Feed Balancers.

I was using sugar/sweet based grains and have completely cut that out of his diet. I have already notice a difference in Duke’s energy level, it’s not only increased but I’ve also noticed that he no longer has that sugar peak and then a complete loss of energy.

Duke is a dressage ‘pony’ and as we are coming up through the harder levels, anything which improves and helps Duke is very important.

He is currently the only full Clydie competing EA advanced and soon to be out competing Prix St Gorge. Yay.

This picture was taken about 5 months ago and we were doing our canter half pirouette

I must say, I am loving the results which the Blue Chip Feed Balancers are having on both my horses. Both Duke and Acorn look amazing. Winter coats and all. I can also see they feel fantastic within themselves, as they run around kicking up their heels squealing and carrying on as they both play with each other.”

Julie M, in Victoria, Owner and rider of Duke


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