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Use for a calming effect when:

  • Given 10ml, 1 hour prior to stressful event
  • Travelling
  • On Box Rest
  • Hacking
  • Before A Competition

x3 serves per tube….

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Blue Chip Calmer Paste: Use for a more instant calming effect before the farrier, dentist, loading and travelling, box rest, on arrival at shows:

Ideal for spooky or nervous horses

Give 10ml, 1 hour prior to the stressful event

x3 serves per tube….and always handy to have one in the feed room or in your show travelling kit.

Each Instant Calmer Syringe Contains Three Calms, Supplying:

  • Fast-acting Magnesium, L-tryptophan and Vitamin C
  • Non-drowsy: Suitable for use in competition
  • 100% Natural: No artificial flavours/ colours
  • Use for: Travel, box rest, hacking, competition, farrier/ vet visits and any other stressful situation.
  • 92% success rate: In preliminary Blue Chip tests

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3 reviews for Calmer Paste Offer

  1. Danielle Heath

    “Carrotcalm had a brilliant effect on my 4 year old, Whitikers Prince.
    He is usually nervous at shows, but after a dose of Carrot calm before he traveled and before his class he was much more settled and relaxed.”
    Danielle Heath

  2. Jennifer Johnston

    I used AppleCalm on my spooky 6 year old, Fritz (Donnergrollen), and he was much more settled and relaxed – I was able to ride him more without him becoming tense and nervous.
    I gave him 2 ‘calms’ 1 hour before his test, and the remaining ‘calm’ 30 minutes before. He behaved beautifully throughout his test, after being incredibly wired and spooky throughout the arena walk before his class.
    He came 2nd in the Shearwater 6 year old young dressage horse final at Hartpury, beating a long list of ‘big’ names on lovely horses. He then went on to behave impeccably in the Gala evening where the top 2 from each age group were displayed to the audience. Now he’s working at Medium it’s very important that he relaxes easily.”
    Jennifer Johnston

  3. Rebecca

    Thought I would send you a quick email to update you on Hollydeen Thomos & the instant calmer.
    We had Merriwa Show about two weeks ago. I used the calmer again but this time just a single dose. Tommy worked exceptionally well & in a very busy area (Merriwa had ASH, show jumping & cattle on at the same time as well as our classes). Not only did he behave during his class but after tied to the fence where he was very popular with the crowd (lots of pats & photos). It was his first time up in an open age class but he did very well to get second against a lovely stallion & we received very positive feedback from the judge.
    From three shows he has received Supreme youngstock, two firsts & one second. Most importantly he is relaxing and enjoying being in the ring, which has definitely been thanks to the instant calmer. It says a lot when a young horse wants to be first on the truck (& self loads).
    We have a break from shows now (still have training days etc though) so next year when we get back into it I think we may use the calmer for the first show or two & then he will be fine. I’m very glad I decided to give it a go.

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