Black Stearling Heike

Black Stearling Heike


Blue Chip, in association with Windmill Produce in Pakenham, Victoria, are proud to be sponsors of performance horse Black Sterling Heike who is bred and owned by Silvana di Teodoro and trained by Cynthia Bosseman. Heike is kept in tip-top shape with the help of Blue Chip Pro and Silvana and Cynthia kindly shared with us the background to this fabulous mare and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Silvana Di Teodoro (Breeder and Owner)

Black Sterling Heike is a 10 year old Australian Warmblood.  She is the first home bred foal at Black Sterling Performance Warmbloods.  Heike is by His Highness and out of the mare Kardella Anneke who I purchased as a yearling.  I accidentally fell into the horse breeding world when I fell pregnant with my first child and was encouraged by many of my friends to put my beloved riding mare Anneke in foal while I had a break from riding.  To say how happy I was to breed such a strong and gorgeous character is an understatement!   Heike has proven herself as a dressage horse so to breed from her was an easy decision.  She has produced two beautiful fillies via Embryo transfer – Dreamtime (by Benetton Dream) and Jurlique (by Jazz).  Both are lovely types and nature and I look forward to being a part of their careers.

Cynthia and Heike have been partnered for 3 years and are currently competing at (Small Tour) Prix St George with a recent Inter I debut.

Heike continues to amaze us with her consistency and enjoyment at this level of her training.  She still blows me away with how her paces have developed in leaps and bounds through good training. Cynthia is always able to bring out the best of a horse’s ability.

We are excited for the future with our goal being to compete at Grand Prix level.  Heike is proving that with the right training she can achieve this.

I am fortunate to be able to have Heike live and be trained at home which allows me to play a major role with her care.

My dream is to produce a homebred foal to Grand Prix Dressage and enjoy supporting a wonderful talented rider…….so far the journey with Heike and Cynthia has been awesome and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented partnership!

Cynthia Bosseman (Trainer & Rider)

Almost three years ago I started working with Heike. A beautiful mare with a lovely canter and a great work ethic, she was trained very honestly by her owner Silvana and therefore I didn’t have any big problems to fix – except for the ‘go’ button which was not really there.

Heike was quick to learn that leg on is NOT ‘maybe later’ or ‘maybe I can get away with just a little bit more..’, but leg on actually means ‘GO’. From then on we had a fun time working our way through Elementary and Medium – with a third place at Dressage Festival in 2015 in Medium as a highlight.

Heike always had a great ability to collect in canter, starting canter pirouettes and sequences were no problem at all. Working at Advanced level she really started to develop her trot as well – she started to dance! That’s when I realised that Heike might be able to make it to GP. Of course this was an amazing moment in Heike’s career and for Silvana and I.

At the moment Heike is successfully competing at PSG / Inter 1 level with great scores. She is getting stronger in her work and every day I get off with a smile; I love working with such an intelligent and talented horse.

The best moment I’ve had with her so far was at a small competition at Werribee a few months ago. It was a test at PSG level and she just gave me everything she had in her to give. She felt so light and strong at the same time and made me feel so confident about all the exercises and her capability to perform them all. I just sat there and enjoyed us being together.

I feel the partnership is growing which is the most amazing feeling a dressage rider can get. I am very lucky to be able to work with this mare and very lucky with the fact that Heike has an owner that has so much love for horses and passion for the sport. With this team, I am very excited for the future and striving for a dreams and aspirations of GP!


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